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Ambassador of the Democratic People's Republic of Algeria stated

 03 December 2017  |  992 Visit
Ambassador of the Democratic People's Republic of Algeria stated

 selection of Mashhad as the cultural capital of the Islamic world can be interpreted as confessing to the valuable and multidimensional endeavors of Iran to revive and enrich the Islamic culture and civilization.

According to the news headquarters of the cultural capital of the Islamic world, Abdel-Monem Ahriz expressed on the special television program of the cultural night of Algeria in the international exhibition of publishers of the Islamic world in Mashhad: the event of cultural capital of the Islamic world is an opportunity for all Islamic nations to in addition to showcasing the vastness and richness of their cultural heritage, illustrate the most beautiful symbol of the Islamic culture.

He continued: an image that indicates the advanced and modern culture, which itself is indicative of the valuable efforts of this culture in global civilization and its serious and significant presence in the most important inventions in the path of human progress.

The ambassador of the Democratic People’s Republic of Algeria added: however, this image is different from what is being advertised about Islam in a biased way, introducing it as a terrorism and extremism.

Ahriz also asserted: in the sensitive current situation, when the Islamic nation is faced with serious challenges and various barriers that could cause division and interference of foreigners, such cultural gathering could be a factor for creating closeness and interactions between Islamic nations and countries, making a bridge for familiarization and collaboration between the nations and promotion of development of cooperation fields, which will ultimately prevent the penetration of sedition into the elements of the Islamic religion.

Abdel-Monem Ahriz affirmed about Mashhad: this beautiful city is selected as the cultural capital of the Islamic world by the Islamic Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) due to its rooted history and valuable achievements.

In addition to appreciating the works of executive and religious authorities of Khorasan Razavi Province, he marked: I have been warmly welcomed by the kind people of Mashhad since coming to the city, and it is my honor to attend this ceremony on the occasion of the cultural week of Algeria along with the event of Mashhad-cultural capital of the Islamic world. It is a blessed coincidence that these programs are held along with the week of Islamic unity, which is celebrated in Iran every year as the birthday of the prophet of Islam.

Ambassador of the Democratic People's Republic of Algeria stated about the programs of the cultural week of Algeria: these programs include holding book exhibitions and frames related to the revolution of Algeria, screening three movies made in Algeria and performing Islamic songs by Al Aqsa group.

In another part of his speech, Ahriz expressed: the bilateral relations between Iran and Algeria have constantly and significantly improved in all areas, especially cultural collaborations, due to the follow-ups by high-ranking authorities of the two countries. Today, we are satisfied with advancements made in our cultural relations and interactions with Iran and favorable condition of the cultural communications of the two countries.

Furthermore, Abdel-Monem Ahriz emphasized: the presence of Algeria in this ceremony and holding the cultural week are indicative of deep and bilateral desire for the strengthening of relations between Iran and Algeria.

He also mentioned the recent earthquake in Kermanshah, affirming: it is my duty to express my condolences to the Iranian nation for this heartbreaking loss. I ask for God's mercy and forgiveness for the departed and full recovery for the injured. 

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