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President of Ferdowsi University Speech at Nations Culture Festival

 18 April 2017  |  1338 Visit
President of Ferdowsi University Speech at Nations Culture Festival

Dr. Muhammad Kafi, President of Ferdowsi University had a speech in the opening ceremony of the Third Nations Culture Festival on Monday, April 17 among the ambassadors, foreign guests and also provincial officials.

According to the news headquarters of Islamic cultural capital،The full text of his speech:Welcome to Ferdowsi University and the Third Nations Culture Festival.

Culture can be a both a difference and a tie among nations. Racial, geographical, political and linguistical differences can never be an obstacle for communion, closeness and relation among nations because nations always communicate through cultural ties  with other nations and science is a shared language among people and a standard for nobility. Sciense is a utopia as vast as the universe that removes all political and geographical boundaries and dissolves all class, racial, religious and linguistic differences. Science is a rel symbol of freedom and democracy in the world. We believe science is the heritage of all humanity in all times and the universities belong to all people.

Doors of this university is open to all people. Ferdowsi University with 68 years history is proud of its prominent professors not only because of scientific achievements but also because of internationalization. An international university in an international city that is selected as the Cultural Capital of Islamic World in 2017 is a good chance for cultural communion among different nations. Our Ferdowsi University family is proud that we share the experience of study with more than 1500 students from 21 countries. This festival is a great celebration of unity and a chance for young generation of every nation that are together here in the name of science. The presence of these students at Ferdowsi University and tolerating the hardships of studying outside of their own country is very valuable to us and makes us more responsible. Happiness and safety of international students is our goal. we believe international students of the university are the representatives of their country at this university and after returning to their countries, they will convey the message of friendship and brothership from Iran. Also they will be representatives of Ferdowsi University in their country.

Today we have presidents of universities and prominent cultural and political characters from neighbouring friend countries. I need to remind that has been called Asia  and this part of Middle East countries and Central Asia had a great role in the history of humanity. Once the Great Khorasan that most of its parts is located in neighboring countries was a crossroad for economical, cultural and scientific communications. Maybe it is good time to revive the deep relations and also cultural role of this region on the international level. In this region there are many main resources and developing infrastructures. Now, if we trust the brave young generation who are students and scholars, they can make real the goal of development of the region.

Once again I thank everyone of you respected guests that accepted our invitation and participated in festival. I would like to thank all provincial directors in public and private sectors and also all unions who participated in this festival.

I deeply thank my dear colleagues in secretary of Nations Culture Festival, also International Students Office and other parts of the university that have been preparing this festival since months ago.

Various booths of this exhibition is prepared and decorated by the good foreign students of Ferdowsi University and I have to appreciate it.

The level of this festival is determined by a great man, Dr. Ghanaei, Head of International Students Office that must be appreciated and I thank him.

Again, I wish a good time in Mashhad for the dear guests and I hope you forgive the shortcomings of this festival. With all our limitations, we liked you to be with us.

We hope a day comes when the dream of peace, justice and development becomes true.

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