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The role of university students in Nations Culture Festival

 10 April 2017  |  1651 Visit
The role of university students in Nations Culture Festival

Nations Culture Festival in an exclusive interview with Muhammad Kazem Kazemi, a prominent Afghan poet and a member of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature:

According to the news headquarters of Islamic cultural capital، Since the contact of Nations Culture Festival is university students, they can have the best effect among different nations.

Kazemi said: Students have the most effect on present and future of any society and every Festival which its contact is university students who are the nations intellectual and cultural leaders can be effective for the future generations. This festival can have the best effect among different nations since its main contact is university students.

Kazemi thanked Dr. Ghanaei, head of international student’s office of Ferdowsi University for holding this festival and said: Holding Nations Culture Festival by international student’s office at Ferdowsi university of Mashhad has a great importance and the presence of students from different nations is a blessing that should be appreciated.

Kazemi noted: I am the first afghan who started studying at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad after Islamic Revolution in Iran. When I had come to university laws and regulations of Iran did not allow those who finished their school in Afghanistan, to continue their educations because educational system in Iran and Afghanistan was different. We had not come based on scholarship. We were war refugees and we did not have our educational degrees with ourselves.

Kazemi said: In earlier years of Revolution there were no Afghan students in universities. The number of refugees who had studied in Iran and found a way to universities were inconsiderable because our young generation who had come to Iran were still school students. Some of other Afghan students and I were the first students who had entered university after Islamic Revolution in 1365 and took our degrees from this university.

He continued: Now education conditions in Ferdowsi University are different than the conditions in our time. Now that I see hundred students who study in this university, I realize how much the education conditions has changed and it is beneficial for both Afghan and Iranian students to know more about each other.

This Afghan writer mentioned: one thing that Iranians should accept is to consider Afghans who live in Iran as a part of this society and know that they can serve this society as specialized. Afghan students in Iran are a chance for their country and also Iran. Most of the people who want to build Afghanistan are Afghan students who had studied in Iran.

This Afghan poet mentioned one of his memories in Ferdowsi University and said: When I studied at Ferdowsi University, Students Poetry Congress was held in Kerman. Since I was a civil engineering student, I participated in that congress. The poem that I read was praised by Iranian friends.

He continued: Most of students from different universities who were interested in Persian literature, did not know my address and just knew I study in Ferdowsi University. They posted their letters to University and I took them from university. It was so interesting to me.

He added: one day, I received a letter from a student in Kerman University through Ferdowsi University. He asked me to write a poem for his martyred father. So, I wrote a poem named “Mosafer” and send it to him. In fact, it is the poem which was published in school books of Iran.

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