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  Nations Festival of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in an exclusive interview with Dr. Khalil Ullah Afzali:

Nations Festival Leads to Peace Promotion in Region

 04 April 2017  |  1336 Visit
Nations Festival Leads to Peace Promotion in Region

Dr. Khalil Ullah Afzali, director of Baysonqor Research Institute and one of the young and known figures of Persian literature in Herat, Afghanistan in an exclusive interview with Nations Festival site hoped wished a bright and promising future for Ferdowsi University.

He talked about the importance of Nations Festival and said: Holding such Festivals is very important because it leads to a better understanding of different countries culture and thus leads to accepting each other and peace promotion.

According to the news headquarters of Islamic cultural capital-Mashhad 2017, He continued: “Ferdowsi University” is good and memorable name to me that will never be forgotten. It reminds me the time that was full of effort, knowledge and wisdom. I have spent eight years of the best days of my youth in this university and I have found my best friends there.

He noted: it was in Ferdowsi University that we became familiar with other countries culture and costumes. Many nights we stayed awake until the dawn with friends from Turkey, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and other countries and some of those friendships last up to now.

He also said: These friendships made us to get familiar with our countries culture, costumes, type of coverage, religious festivals, national days, foods and drinks.

He continued: Graduation from Ferdowsi University will always be an honor for me and it would be good if graduated student’s relationship with this university was not cut like western Universities.

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