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  Nations Culture Festival site in an exclusive interview with Consul-General of Afghanistan:

Nations Culture Festival in Mashhad, the Cultural Capital of Islamic World

 04 April 2017  |  1428 Visit
Nations Culture Festival in Mashhad, the Cultural Capital of Islamic World

Nations Culture Festival has special importance this year due to selection of Mashhad as the Cultural Capital of Islamic World.

According to the news headquarters of Islamic cultural capital-Mashhad 2017, Nations Festival site in an exclusive interview with Seyyed Noor Ullah Raqi, Consul-General of Afghanistan: The Third Nations Culture Festival will be held at the time when Mashhad has been chosen as the Cultural Capital of Islamic World and one of the safest cities in the World.

Raqi said: This festival will be held with more importance and in a more different space and it can be a good basis for introduction of nation’s capacity to each other.

Raqi spoke about the presence of Afghan students in this festival and said: Nations Culture Festival is a great chance to introduce culture and capacities of Afghanistan and Afghan students should show their capacities and capabilities in in the best way.

Consul-General of Afghanistan talked about religious, historical and cultural ties between Iran and Afghanistan and said: Iran and Afghanistan are only separated by geographical boundaries and these two nations have so many historical ties. If we look at the history of these two nations we can see we have the same history, language, culture and religious values. Such festivals can introduce our historical ties to each other and show other nations Iran and Afghanistan have many capacities in common.

Raqi said: This festival will be held at a time when Mashhad is chosen as the cultural capital of Islamic world and this chance can be useful for introduction of Mashhad city as well as empathy among all the nations in region and world. This festival can introduce great capacities of Mashhad and Iran to the world by showing Iran as a capable country. It also can strengthen and improve more relations among nations.

This former member of Institute of Strategic Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: different countries can improve their relations by showing their historical, cultural and political capacities. Today, relations among nations are not bounded to diplomatic apparatus and all the people of a nation are responsible in diplomacy.

Raqi considered Nations Culture Festival a chance for all countries specially Iran and Afghanistan and said: This festival is a great chance for foreign students of Ferdowsi University and also Afghan student that the host society get familiar with them. Also by holding such festivals, Islamic Republic of Iran can show the capacities and capabilities of Iran and Ferdowsi University and they can improve the interactions and relations among nations.

He continued: Islamic Republic of Iran can play a significant role as an axis in region and Ferdowsi University can have a great role in this context.

He also said: only a part of relations among nations is based on diplomatic apparatus that we call them government relations axis that come from top to bottom which mean governments sign some agreements and then announce to people.

He continued: But in today’s world we can not only emphasize on diplomatic apparatus because, If people do not want something, we cannot force them to accept that and without their help relation improvement among nations is not possible.

He added: today, empathy among nations can be improve through cultural and business interactions and all people, governments and organizations are partners and this is the people who improve these relations.

At the end of this interview he spoke of cooperation between Ferdowsi University and Consulate-General of Afghanistan in Mashhad and said: We had good cooperation’s with different institutions in the past year and at the top of them is the Universities of Islamic Republic of Iran and specially Ferdowsi University. Dr. kafi head of Ferdowsi University and Dr. Ghanaei head of international student’s office at this University were always considerate to us and there is a friendly relation between us and Ferdowsi University.

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