Eight Unique Qurans

Eight Unique Qurans
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Eight Unique Qurans

Many unique manuscripts are kept at the Library and National Museum of Malek. All of these works of art have impacted the researchers from different aspects.

Many unique manuscripts are kept at the Library and National Museum of Malek. All of these works of art have impacted the researchers from different aspects. 
Here, eight salient Qur'anic copies are introduced. These books have given a very spiritual atmosphere to this collection.

A Qur'an attributed to Imam Hasan Mojtaba (A.S.)
This Qur'anic pamphlet has got a handwriting attributed to Hasan Ibn Ali (A.S.), Shi’ites second Imam. It has been written with Kufic style of writing and on twenty sheets of deer skin. The size of each page is 20.8 × 15 cm and cover page of this Qur'an has been made up of cardboard covered with a red cloth. 

Baysonghuri Qur'an
This copy of Qur'an has been written, in hundreds of pages, by Bayonghur Mirza, an artist Timurid prince, in the 9th century A.D. and the size of each page is 101× 177 cm. At the time being, four pieces of this unique Qur'an which is known as the world biggest handwritten Qur'an are kept at the Library and Museum of Malek. These pieces have been presented to this collection by Haj Hussein Malek. The pieces include 26th verse of Al-Isra surah, 72nd, 76th, 77th, and 78th verses of Al-Rahman. Each piece has got two lines of verses written with Mohaqqeq style of writing and in black. There are some golden ball-like shapes between verses decorated with black and blue colors. Also, there are some vocalization sighs (Tajvid) in two pieces. 
It is worth mentioning that some pieces of this Qur'an are being kept in different museums and libraries of the world including Central Library of Astan Quds Razavi. 

Dust Writing Qur'an
At the very first look, this copy of Qur'an seems to be a long Ayat al-Korsi (throne verse) with Thuluth style of writing, however, full text of Qur'an has been written in its background with Naskh style and in Qajar period. The size of this Qur'an is 172 × 9 cm. 
The whole configuration of the verses has been formed like a cypress tree and the throne verse can be clearly seen at its middle part. This copy is one of the pieces presented by Haj Hussein Malek's older daughter, "Izat al-Molk Malek". It is reminded that the dust style of writing has not been written for the purpose of reading as it is very small and is not possible to be seen with naked eye. 
Arsanjani Qur'an
This exquisite copy of Qur'an has been written, in 1315 A.H., by Muhammad Shafi' Arasanjani with Naskh style and translated in Farsi by Ali Naqi Shirazi with Nastaleeq style. This Qur'an's pages are thick, yellow and have been made up of natural materials, its cover page has been perfectly decorated with mosaics and the size of each page is 26.8 × 43.6 cm. There is handwriting at the end of this work written by Mozaffar ad-din Shah Qajar saying: "As we are very kind and gracious toward the prime minister, Mirza Ali Asqar Amin al-Soltan and as he has been always in our service, this holy book is given to him as a gift, Ramadan, 1316."
This book had been written for Mozaffar ad-Din Shah as ordered by Mirza Hussein Khan Saheb Divan and according to the handwriting at the end the book was presented to Mirza Ali Asqar Khan. 
In the first two pages, the contents are all gilded. Also, in the first two pages of the verses section, there are two rubrics and also two inscriptions in symmetrical form. In the two upper inspirations, names of Fateh al-Ketab and Baqarah Surahs have been written. Arabesque and gilding patterns can also be seen in the margins of each page. This unique Qur'an was also presented by Izat al-Molk Malek to the Library and National Museum of Malek. 

Yaqut al-Mosta'semi's Qur'an
This Qur'an has been written by Yaqut Ibn Abdullah Yaqut al-Mosta'semi with Naskh style, on Dolat Abad papers and in the 8th century A.D. The margins of this book's pages are Isfahani margins and their size is 22.7 × 15 cm. The first four pages include heads of each surah and also different parts. The distance between verses are in golden, red, and blue colors and its cover page has been made up of bright leather.

Qur'an of Baqa Isfahani
This Qur'an was written by Muhammad Sadeq Baqa Isfahani on 290 cashmere papers and in 14th century A.D. Size of this Qur'an's pages is 21.5 ×13.5 and it has been written for Naser al-Din Shah. 
The first two pages of this book have illuminated gildings and the next two pages have marginal gildings. The other pages have full gold works between lines and their style is tiny Naskh. Also the headlines and parts are gilded and pause signs are in vermilion form. The front and back side of the cover page of the works is also gilded with flower and plants on it. 
Qur'an of Vesal Shirazi
This precious Qur'an was written by Muhammad Shafi Ibn Muhammad Ismaeil Vesal Shirazi with Naskh writing style in 1255 A.H. The work has got 334 pages the size of which is 28 × 17.8 cm. It was written for Muhammad Nabi Khan, governor of Fars province, and its cover page is decorated by perfect flowers and plants. Also on the back side of the cover page, lily flowers can be seen in a golden background.

Alaedin Tabrizi
This Qur'anic work has been written by Alaedin Tabrizi with Thuluth style on Dolat Abad papers and on 431 pages. The size of each page is 38× 25 cm written 980 AH. The cover page is Shagreen.

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