Mashhad History


Mashhad Anthropology in an Interview

As a result, planners and policy makers require interdisciplinary studies in city planning in order to face the current issues scientifically and accurately.


A Review of Cultural and Civilization Heritage of Khorassan in an Interview with Hojjat al- eslam val- moslemin

For a better comprehension of Khorassan position in Islamic civilization, there is the need for a review of cultural heritage and its influential milestones in providing scientific and cultural services to the Islamic world.


Bests of Banknotes Treasury

Lots of banknotes with various colors and patterns are kept at Astan Quds Razavi's banknote treasury. In the past, all these banknotes were being used in different countries.


Treasury of Razavi Holy Shrine History

In 1356/1977 the objects of the old museum were transferred to a new building located in the Kowthar courtyard of the Holy Shrine and the public museum was inaugurated in the ground floor.

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