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In the ninth meeting of cultural ministers from Islamic countries, "ISESCO", which was formed in 2012 in Algeria, the Holy city of Mashhad in was chosen as the capital of Islamic culture in 2017 (in 1395 and 1396 of the Islamic calendar), suggested by the representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
In order to properly prepare for the hosting of this important event, there needs to be several strategic plan with artistic and cultural themes and some collections must be provided to introduce the history, figures, buildings, and cultural, spiritual and scientific capabilities of Mashhad to the whole world. Therefore, this event must be another step toward shedding lights on revolution's values and achievements of the sacred system of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This goal can be achieved by wisely presence and participation of all officials, especially the relevant organizations and units and through benefiting from research conducted in various cultural areas.
In this regard, the Coordination Council of the Capital of Islamic Culture was formed to plan, organize and coordinate the integrated management of activities of all organizations, units and private/public institutes. By doing so, we are able to use all the available facilities, take advantage of the purposive and efficient presence of the authorities and prevent parallel and overlapping activities. Another goal of this council is to improve the quality and quantity of religious, cultural and artistic products and services provided by Khorasan Razavi Province, especially Mashhad, to commercialize these products and increase the share of Iran in the cultural industries market in the region and the Islamic world.
This council consists of a secretariat and four management headquarters (i.e., construction activities, urban activities, coordination of international relations and the executive committee of activities and events).
The council secretariat has been formed in Mashhad Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance and initiated its follow-ups for council planning and coordination and management of coordination between headquarters. This secretariat is ready to receive and record the opinions and suggestions of the elites, intellectuals, artists and the public regarding the glorious holding of this significant event.

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